Are you ready to finally create a solid structure and start building a sustainable business?


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This is for you if you...

  • are a business owner

  • don't know where to start building processes

  • sometimes feel lonely on this entrepreneur journey

  • don't know how to delegate when everything is trapped inside your head

  • want to learn ClickUp

  • want to start off with a prebuilt structure in ClickUp

See what previous students are saying about this program

kicki2 (1)

Kicki Westerberg

I was curious about ClickUp and wanted to build a better system around my productivity. I had been using Trello and Asana for many years but I was never really satisfied. With ClickUp, I now have a complete system for my entire business. With Maria's approach and templates made for an online business, I got a solid foundation to build on and didn't have to start over from scratch. Now I have everything in one place and a system to grow with.

I highly recommend the course no matter how big or small your business is.

efwa (1)

Efwa Lönnquist

I was so happy when I found this course. I had been thinking for a while that I needed to get a better structure in my business, and voilà, suddenly Maria's course turned up. Now I have so much better structure. I have also been able to uninstall several apps. I love having everything in one place.


Jenny Kay

As a new business owner I signed up to this course because I was convinced it would save me a lot of time and headache. Why reinvent the wheel?

And the course certainly did that by far! It contains lots of good flows, integrations and checklists of things to do so that nothing is missed. It has helped me prioritize. For me, with 100 new ideas at the same time, that felt like a gift.



Cattis Olsson

I felt that I didn't have a really good structure in my business. I like digital products and things that make my everyday life easier. Also, I know Maria is great at structure and productivity and finding good programs to work with. After this course, my everyday life has become better structured, which increases my productivity and creates more freedom. I have also gained so many valuable tools, learned what SOPs mean and how they facilitate and simplify almost everything I do.


Jill Nyqvist

I signed up to Maria's course because I wanted to create more routines in my company and I also wanted to learn Clickup. Now I have a solid plan for how to collaborate effectively with my business partner. I have gained clarity from documenting my processes and we have already started to work smarter by doing things in a new way.


Angelica Henriksson

I am incredibly impressed with how Maria, in a calm and safe way, was able to guide me and the other participants through the rather complex system that ClickUp actually is, with examples and solid tips. The course also provided a great community of other driven female entrepreneurs.

I highly recommend the course for any seasoned entrepreneur who wants to create a better structure and a sustainable business over time.


Gunilla Ödin

I now have everything I need in one place. I know what to do and when to do it. I have the structure I lacked before and it feels so good! I can relax knowing that I am reminded of what I need to do via ClickUp and the notifications in the mobile app. I also finally have a place to collect all of my ideas and reminders. 

In addition, Maria gave us such great support throughout the journey. She shared her joy, commitment and knowledge in a simple and inspiring way.


Karina Svensson

With all the templates and preparation Maria had done for the course, it has saved me endless hours not having to reinvent the wheel myself. I have significantly more things in the same place now than before, which makes it easier and saves me time, since I don't have to search for things. Having SOPs for what I do regularly also saves time. I have also become more aware of how much is done repeatedly and can be simplified with a SOP.


Jenny Forsberg

Maria's course is like a Kinder egg - three things in one: a method to structure my business, a pedagogical course in Clickup and a template with a well thought-out structure for everything I need in my business.

I like to have structure, and I really get that with Clickup. But I wouldn't have got started on my own - it felt too difficult to build a good structure from scratch. But with Maria's template, everything was already in place in a seamless way. It took some time to implement the new structure in my company, but Maria was there to support me all the way, and there was plenty of room to ask questions. I'm so glad I took this course.