Online Business Manager

I am a digital entrepreneur, accountant and tech nerd with a passion for productivity and online entrepreneurship. This service is for you if you need help with the daily operations of your online business. I help you, among other things, to strategically set short- and long-term goals for your business, set up and keep track of your processes and systems, recruit and lead your virtual team and follow up your finances and plan your budget.

I'm an accountant who used to have my own accounting firm. Since 2017 I have helped 80+ clients with their accounting and financial planning. I have also had clients all over Sweden and in other countries like Japan, Indonesia and Greece - and I have had a remote team with team members in Colombia, Thailand and in the very north of Sweden. At the moment I'm a solopreneur but I have quite a few ideas to share on how to recruit and manage a team when working remotely.

From €1790 / month

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