When running an online business, you need an infrastructure that supports you. That's why I want to share the services I use in my own company. Some links are affiliate links; if you use my link I may receive a kick back. Please note that I only recommend products and services that I use and really like - and of course it costs you nothing extra to buy through me. On the contrary! I offer one hour of coaching as a bonus if you buy Thrivecart or New Zenler via my link.

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The world's best project planning app! I love the flexibility and the ability to automate my workflow both internally with a team and externally with my customers.



I have tested Mailerlite, ConvertKit, Mailchimp, Kartra with several services but eventually chose ActiveCampaign because of all the fantastic automations and the built-in CRM.


Google Workspace

The foundation of my entire business. I love Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets and Presentations. Also love that it's an infrastructure that can be connected to most things with the help of integrations.



No matter if you charge by the hour or not, it's smart to keep track of what you do during the day. I like Toggl a lot because I get a timeline of my days, which is good to see that I don't have any gaps in my registrations.



This is the service I use to take payments by card. All payments are collected here, no matter if I ever change platform for my courses and my member portal... πŸ€“ Awesome integration with Zapier and ActiveCampaign and more.

Lifetime deal = you only pay once and then no more fees are added.



As much as I like ActiveCampaign, the built-in forms are not a favorite ... So I use ConvertBox to create nice forms to collect email addresses. Works with both WordPress and New Zenler.

Lifetime deal = you only pay once and then no more fees are added.



Connects all your apps and creates smart automations. For example I use it to automatically send in receipts and invoices that come via email directly to the accounting.Β 



My choice of app for video conferencing and webinars. Reliable service that works on all devices. Bonus that it is possible to remotely control someone else's computer when needed.


New Zenler

Platform for courses and online membership. I have used Memberpress and Wishlist Member as well as Kartra, but now I run on New Zenler. Still in beta and therefore at a very low price. Many good features in the pipeline with the potential to be a fantastic system that covers most needs.



Unbeatable opportunities to create a smooth and stylish booking calendar. I love that my calendars are automatically translated into Swedish (besides English, other langueages available too)! Bonus is built-in integration with Zoom and that it is compatible with Google, Outlook / Office 365, iCloud etc.



Do you also suffer from an overcrowded inbox? My best tip is to skip the email and instead communicate via chat with your team and your customers.



Who doesn't like a lifetime deal? I have bought a lot of good apps from AppSumo; Harmonizely for example. If you click on my link, you will get $10 to shop for.